Northern Wheatear

I decided this year to try and get some better photographs of some bird species I’d not previously managed to capture too well.

Target number one was Northern Wheatear

No Bittern, Day 6

Before the Welsh lock down ended, there was a Great Bittern showing fairly regularly, and very well when it did, at BMW. So lockdown ended and typically, after spending about 15 hours over 6 days, I haven’t been able to see it. A Very long day with lots of nice birds, and a quick trip to check on the Dippers, I’m giving up on seeing the Booming thing!

Burton Mere Wetlands (again)

A good variety at BMW, with Blackcap, a 2021 photo target, showing really well.

Not quite the Osprey I was hoping for, but a V-22 Osprey from the USS Iwo Jima which is conducting exercises in British waters, did a low pass at a local airfield with it’s route taking it right overhead.


I’m lucky enough to live close to a few places where Dipper are resident. This bird was taking advantage of human river control efforts.


I was lucky to stumble across a small mixed flock of finches around Flint dock including Redpoll, Siskin, Chaffinch and about 10 Twite, some of which were ringed (one 2 year old bird and one 3 year old bird)

Grey Partridge

I was lucky enough to stumble across this young Male Grey Partridge whilst out and about. A difficult bird to get in North Wales, but I’d seen a dead one on the road nearby a few days before, so hopefully they are making a little bit of a comeback, this particular unfortunate bird aside.